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This Saturday, February 25, the Armenian Church commemorates the life ofimage Theodore the Warrior, a captain in the Roman army during the reign of emperor Licinius. Theodore was born into a Christian family and was educated in the teaching of Christianity. He was noted for his bravery, and was noted for killing a serpent that was terrorizing people and animals. Theodore armed himself with a sword, and with a prayer to the Lord vanquished the serpent and became a heroic figure. He was appointed commander of Heraclea where he combined his military duties with the preaching of the Gospel. Soon nearly all of Heraclea had accepted Christianity. Emperor Licinius began a campaign against the Christians. Theodore was a main target. He was arrested and given an opportunity to renounce his Christian religion, which he refused to do. He was martyred in 319 A.D. in Heraclea, Thrace.

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