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Easter Sunday is followed by a period of fifty days (Hisnag) during which there are no fasting days and no saints’ days. This period from the Resurrection to Pentecost (Hokekaloost) is dedicated to the glorification of the Resurrections. Each of the seven Sundays of Hisnag has a special name. Last Sunday, the first Sunday after Easter, was New Sunday.

This Sunday, April 14, is Green Sunday (Ganach Giragi), also called Sunday of the World Church (Ashkharhamadoor). Green Sunday most probably originates from an ancient folk holiday celebrating spring. Our forefathers, seeing mother earth bloom after long winter months, glorified the Creator with an act of thanksgiving and celebrated by decorating the church and themselves with greenery. The reawakening of nature is symbolic of the Resurrection. Green is the color of life, freshness, and promise. After a barren winter we are filled with hope, life, and love


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