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       This Sunday, March 11, the fourth Sunday of Lent, is the Sunday of the Steward (Dendesi Giragi, Տնտեսի Կիրակի). The parable of The Unrighteous Steward is in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 16, verses 1 to 8. This parable is about a rich man and his steward. The steward was one who looked out for his own personal benefit and through his cunning arrangements he made deals with those who were in debt to his master. Jesus used this parable not to condone the behavior of the steward but rather as an illustration of qualities that have a necessary place in the life of true disciples. Since we are stewards of the world, we are accountable to our Lord for the talents we have and the things that have been entrusted to our care.

       Throughout his ministry, Jesus used parables as a teaching tool. His parables were common stories, usually short and always interesting. Generally, the stories were used to convey important moral and ethical messages. Some of the parables are simple and easy to comprehend. Others are complex and more challenging.

      By your power you created the world above of intelligent creatures and set up in it as stewards the leaders of the fiery spirits; we bless your might which word cannot express. You are the rich One by nature, you fashioned the new sensible world and in Paradise in Eden, you placed the first man as steward; we bless your might which word cannot express. With deep and mysterious thought you built your Church and appointed in it as stewards the proclaimers of the word of truth; we bless your power which word cannot express. Tabernacle of the uncontainable One, bearer of him who bears all that exists, you gave birth in the flesh to God begotten of the Father without flesh, intercede for us, Mary, Mother of God.

 From the Liturgical Canons of the Armenian Church for the fourth Sunday of Lent, Sunday of the Steward. 

 From Crossroads, Eastern Prelacy’s E-Newsletter

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